Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Veterans Memorial Park in Lingayen, Pangasinan 2015

It was 1 pm the conference which we attended just commenced, and so I grab the short time to go to the ATM machine. My colleagues did not bother to go with me since; the sun is real hot that noon. Across the street of the ATM machine is where the famous Veterans Memorial Park was located and so I grabbed the chance to take a sneak peak. 

When we are on our way to Lingayen I search for possible tourist spots that we can visit, one of the list was the Veterans Memorial Park my assumption was it was a gallery in a very large museum. Museum as in inside a big huge building.

But as to astonishment, it was really a park, an open field with the display under the heat of the sun except of course for the photos which is housed in a roofed photo gallery with all sides open.

There are the display of the old machines small planes, combat tanks and heavy duty guns used by the Americans during the World War II. The site is a historical landmark since the gulf course is used to protect from the enemies.
In the photo galleries are very old pictures taken during those times. It was educational and it makes you understand our rich history.

The best time to visit the place is early morning and late afternoon, so you won’[t burn under the heat of the sun.

Adjacent to it is the fabulous Pangasinan provincial building. 

Here are the photos I took during that afternoon getaway.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Philippine Military Academy Baguio City Philippines 2015

The Philippine Military Academy is in Baguio City for almost 100 years already. In this place is where the best men and women are trained for military service.

Visiting the Philippine Military Academy at Fort Gregorio del Pilar on Loakan Road is such an amazing experience. Inside the Academy you can see the museum where it house the collection of war gadgets used during the World War II. You see the planes, helicopters, war tanks and even the names of brave soldiers who fought for our freedom.

The entire place is super clean with very polite cadetes. Although the place is occupied mostly by men the flowers around blooms like its taken cared by a woman.

It is also very quite although you see a number of tourist you can still feel the quite ambiance. once your done roaming around dont ever forget to drop by on their souvenir shops. There are a lot of military stuff. I even bought a pair or my son and niece.

Here is a video clips of our momentous visit of the Philippine Military Academy in Baguio City 2015.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

MSU-IIT Iligan City, Philippines

The Iligan Institute of Technology of the Mindanao State University System is commonly referred to as MSU-IIT or IIT  is a public coeducational institution of higher learning and research university located in Iligan City, Philippines, charted in 1968 by Republic Act 5363 and integrated as the first autonomous unit of the Mindanao State University System in 1975.

MSU-IIT offers programs in secondary, undergraduate, and graduate levels. It confers the Bachelor of ArtsBachelor of Science,Master of ArtsMaster of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Its academic offerings include educationengineeringengineering technologycomputer scienceinformation technology,  biology,  chemistry,  physics,  statisticsmathematicsartshumanitieslinguisticssocial sciencesnursingbusiness, and law. The primary medium of instruction is English, with a few classes taught in Filipino and other languages.
·         College of Law
·         School of Graduate Studies
·         College of Arts and Social Sciences
·         College of Business Administration and Accountancy
·         College of Education
·         College of Engineering
·         College of Nursing
·         College of Science and Mathematics
·         School of Computer Studies
High School
·         Integrated Developmental School

In 2010, MSU-IIT was designated by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) as Centers of Excellence in Marine Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Teacher Education CHED also recognizes MSU-IIT as Centers of Development in Information Technology, Physics and Civil Engineering.

Recently, I visited my Alma Matter to attend a meeting. It was where I got a chance to take photos of MSU-IIT.  I was amazed by the transformation it was 7 years ago from my graduation day. And IIT has improved to its fullest, ever since it has produced cream of the crop graduates.

Form Cagayan de Oro City it is around 2 hours if you took the public transport the most common is Rural Transit from the Bulua terminal. The estimated fare is 180 pesos.

Here is a short video clip of what Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology now looks like.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Gumasa, Glan, Sarangani Province

Glan is one of the most visited places in South Cotabato. One of its reason is its endless world class white sand. The water is really refreshing. as if inviting you to swim and stay in the water all the day long. Its white sand and clean blue makes it so relaxing.

From General Santos City it will took you an hour to reach Glan. If you took the public transport from General Santos go to KCC Mall. There are vans bound for Glan the ongoing fare is 100 pesos each. The van take you to the Glan public market, from the market you have to hire a tricyle or motorcyle to take you to the beach resort of your choice.

One caution though, there are no restaurants in the area, although there are small eatery around. so the best thing to do is to bring your own food or you buy raw meat and fresh fish in the market and grill it on the resort. Nevertheless, its not a hindrance to visit the hidden paradise of the south.

Here is a short video a glimpse of Gumasa, Glan, Sarangani Province.