Sunday, May 17, 2015

Philippine Military Academy Baguio City Philippines 2015

The Philippine Military Academy is in Baguio City for almost 100 years already. In this place is where the best men and women are trained for military service.

Visiting the Philippine Military Academy at Fort Gregorio del Pilar on Loakan Road is such an amazing experience. Inside the Academy you can see the museum where it house the collection of war gadgets used during the World War II. You see the planes, helicopters, war tanks and even the names of brave soldiers who fought for our freedom.

The entire place is super clean with very polite cadetes. Although the place is occupied mostly by men the flowers around blooms like its taken cared by a woman.

It is also very quite although you see a number of tourist you can still feel the quite ambiance. once your done roaming around dont ever forget to drop by on their souvenir shops. There are a lot of military stuff. I even bought a pair or my son and niece.

Here is a video clips of our momentous visit of the Philippine Military Academy in Baguio City 2015.

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