Friday, March 9, 2012

Jersey Pistol Club

It was sunday morning the sun was bright but the temperature is cold. From the Durrell-ITC we headed towards Green road, St. Clement. before we started we the proper pistol shooting, Derek warmly welcome us and gave a short lecture about pistols and its advantages as well as the responsible handling of the material. The main thing that I wrote in my travellers notebook is to treat every gun as though it is loaded.

I had a great experience it was my first time to actually fire a gun. being able to fire a gun gives you a sense of confidence and courage. I dont know about others but its just the way i felt.

I have fired three types of gun unfortunately i cant remember their names.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

La Rocque Harbour, St. Clement, Jersey, UK

Platte Rocque Tower replaced the guardhouse that was captured by the french invasion force of 1781 on the evening before the Battle of jersey. It was built, as were other Jersey towers, on the design of Colonel C W Pasley.

It was sunday morning 2th of February. The DESMAN 2012 participant boarded the DURRELL-ITC mini bus to La rocque harbour for a wader watching. Among the species that we bserved during that time are the following; Grey Heron, Little Egret,Spoonbill, Brent Goose, Red-breasted Merganser, Oystercatcher,Redshank, Harring gull, Turnstone, Dunlin, and Shag.

This part of Jersey's eastern coastline is renowned for its variety of wintering shorebirds. Between the months of October and March, many thousands of Brent geese and wading birds are attracted to the area where they can be observed, either feeding or roosting in the vicinity.

My travellers notebook is of real great help in making me remember the things I need to write. I am realistic that I can have that slr canon camera to photograph the exciting moments to remember

Monday, March 5, 2012

Tagaytay, Philippines

It's one of the famous get away area from the busy life of Metro Manila. When I went to tagaytay, it was 2nd week of December 2010. The after I applied for my UK visa, my brother Gabriel sneek to Tagaytay to look for a property on sale for his real estate business. It was almost 3 hours motor ride from the tip of Bulacan (Tungko) to Tagaytay highlands.

The area was beautiful, you can see the majestic taal lake. The wind was so fresh and cool. We spent lunch time at the Tagaytay market, well its a beautiful and clean market.These photographs were I hope was taken by an slr canon camera, but are not. I havent have my travellers notebook back then.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Midway White Beach Resort: Initao, Misamis Oriental Philippines

An hour away from Cagayan de Oro City. We travelled 30 minutes from Naawan the next town after Initao. Its like a paradise hailed as one of the most treasured gems in the Philippines and may be one of the top most visited tourist destination in the Philippines.

This was taken using a very expensive camera, I think its a slr camera.

Midway Beach Resort is located in Tubigon, Initao Misamis oriental, an hour away from Cagayan de Oro. It is a beautiful beach with light-colored sand and beautiful aquamarine water. A perfect place to laze on pristine white sands while watching the panoramic view of blue coastal waters, plus too many amenities to choose from rolled into one package.Experience the Midways Beach water Sports: Kayak, Aquabike, Snorkling, Canoe, Glassbottom boat, discover scuba, swimming pool session.

We witness how this perfect hideaway can wash away our troubled minds and spirits as we had summer getaway last May 2011. My family, relatives and friends enjoy the beautiful scenery ans refreshing air that carressed your face in the early morning. We stayed in Midway Beach resort over the night after my brothers wedding in Manticao.

In the early morning you can really enjoy the blue-green waters, that is very refreshing and cold as if mixing with the morning dew.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mantigue Island, Camiguin, Philippines

I travelled to Mantigue Island on September 2009. The weather condition was so fine, you can feel the warmth of the sun. Around 8 am in the morning we rented a small "banka" or boat to go to the island, the rent then was 500 pesos for 6 people. The person owning the banka will wait for you until you all return to the mainland of Camiguin.

As we approach the island, you can see the very white sand, that enveloped the area. It was sooo white. It was surrounded by a gleaming white beach of powdery coral sand. I hope I had then my expensive slr canon camera.

Going into these island is not on our plan, but stories of its beauty has made us wondered and explored the island. It was all worth it.